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"You can go to anyone you want to learn to shoot, but if you want to go to the best, go to Gil Ash. He has helped me with not only my shooting, but the mental game as well!"--Craig Hill, Houston, TX

"Vicki, the thing that impressed me the most about your teaching style is your emphasis on focus, organizing your thoughts prior to calling for the bird, moving the barrel the speed of the target, and eye placement. All contribute to a system that quickly produces results and builds confidence. You taught me to relax and enjoy the break." --Ray Gill, Cordova, Tennessee

Whether you enjoy shooting a shotgun at sporting clays, skeet, or trap, or for hunting birds...Whether you shoot for fun, for competition, or you just want to "fit in with the group" at a corporate shoot or hunting trip...OSP can help you achieve your personal shooting goals.

Beginners, professionals, and everyone in between are sold on the unique teaching style of owners Gil and Vicki Ash who, as Bill Bacon, Level II Instructor and American Shooting Center President states, "are simply the best in the business."

Gil and Vicki Ash have been shooting sporting clays since 1982. Unlike other instructors, they are natural teachers who have studied and practiced not only shooting, but the psychology of learning and performance, and they have developed the most effective teaching approach in the industry. OSP's common sense teaching method helps students understand how their eyes, mind and body function together. Once this is learned, understanding why they succeed or fail when shooting a shotgun becomes simple! This powerful insight can be applied to all aspects of your personal life and business, making you not only a better shooter, but a better performer at everything you do.


"Eventually success and failure become more a matter of attitude than anything else."


Based in Houston, Texas, OSP conducts one-on-one instruction, organized clinics, and corporate events throughout the United States.

We invite you to explore further how OSP's unique teaching approach can help you. You'll also find a schedule of upcoming shooting clinics and a host of shooting tips and helpful information.

Call us today at 800-838-7533 or 281-346-0888, or send us an e-mail, to discuss how we can help you become the shot you aspire to be.


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