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Jul 1st, 2007
OSP Shooting School Partners with Rio Ammunition

Shotgunning instructors Gil and Vicki Ash know that having good shooting skills is only part of the equation for consistent performance; the shooter must also use high quality equipment that allows for consistency. That's why they've partnered with Rio Ammuniton as the new official shotshell provider for OSP Shooting School.

While Rio is relatively new to the United States, the company was founded in Spain over 100 years ago, and its products are marketed in over 80 countries. Its shotshells already account for over one-half of all shotgun ammo imported to the USA. The company offers full lines of target, upland game, and non-toxic waterfowl loads.

"It is important that the shotshells we use and recommend to our students are consistent and readily available," commented Gil and Vicki. "Rio can produce consistent, clean-burning loads because it controls the process. It makes all its own components except the lead shot. It has a solid distribution network that is growing quickly, making it easy for both the retailer and consumer to find.

"Rio is here to stay and will be a force to be reckoned with as the shotgun sports continue to grow," the Ashes continued. "We are excited to have them as a marketing partner of OSP Shooting School and look forward to working with them."

Patrick Thomas of USA Rio echoed the Ashes' enthusiasm for the new partnership. "Gil and Vicki Ash have become the trusted sources for thousands of shotgunners desiring to improve their game," said Thomas. "Through their passion and library of shooting knowledge, Gil and Vicki have become unparalleled leaders for shotgunning instruction. Rio Ammunition is very excited and looks forward to a long and very successful relationship as the official ammunition supplier of OSP."

OSP Shooting School, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the nation's leading resource for shotgun shooting instruction. Its owners, Gil and Vicki Ash, are full-time, NSCA Level III instructors who teach thousands of shooters each year through clinics, private lessons, books, videos, magazine articles, the "Coaching Hour" shotgunning call-in show, seminars, and other personal appearances.

For more information, visit the OSP website at or Rio Ammunition at

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"We teach you whichever method you want to learn, but we help you understand which method creates the most and the least amount of risk in each shot."

OSP News
“This was the second time I had the pleasure of shooting with Vicki and Gil – what a great experience. I’ve learned much from them in a short time, though I’ve been shooting shotgun for many years.
I highly recommend their program for any shooter, no matter what their experience level is."
.Bart Skelton, Guns & Ammo

"I was lucky. My travels took me near Mitchell’s Clay Target Sports near Brooks, Oregon last spring - - just in time to talk my way into an OSP shotgun class. Gil and Vicki Ash hardly ever miss, and I wanted to shoot like that! Those two days put me on the track to better shotgunning - - and they were great fun! Clay targets hide when OSP comes to town!"
Wayne Van Zwoll

OSP Shooting School with Gil and Vicki Ash
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